Rajvi Bhogaita

Is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in London/Bournemouth

I'm a second-year university student studying industrial design, whilst also being a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

I am self taught and have started learning how to use Affinity Designer since January 2018 and hope to evolve my skills further. My dream is to make my characters come to life one day and make my own animation series and publish my own book on my illustrated collection/guide of favourite independent female characters. My commission status is open so feel free to drop me an email or dm me on Instagram (link is on the right sidebar). Tshirt's are available from my shop.

Design to me is about changing the way people interact and see the world. I think design is about finding solutions to problems, to create a pleasurable experience for the user – aesthetically and practically. My main passions within design are focused around sustainability, aesthetics and conveying a deep, perhaps controversial, message to the audience. Making people stop, think and question is one of the most powerful things design is capable of.

Currently, I am experimenting with vector art using Affinity Designer software. I have included the pieces I have created so far in the 'Work' page. I also love the pen and ink style of drawing and mixed media such as watercolour and pen. 

Studying Industrial Design at Bournemouth University has allowed me to look at design from a whole new perspective. My philosophy previous to studying this degree was mostly conceptual, however now I am learning to appreciate the more intricate details that lie all around us: in furniture, in technology, in transport etc. Design is all around us constantly that most people don't even notice it. This invisibility, in my opinion, proves how powerful and seamless good design can be.


Contemporary Feminist Hip-Hop Collection

Cowspiracy Promotion and Environmentalist activism 

Expression of Self

I am greatly interested in graphic design, which I studied at A level. Making art for myself and other people has been a hobby of mine since I could remember and I wish to carry on doing so into my future career. A few of my projects have included; a self-titled 'Contemporary Hip-Hop feminism' exhibition which I have featured in the 'Work' page on this website. Researching and creating this project was very fun and I learnt a lot from it. My work was inspired by feminist artists such as Zoe Buckman, Laurie Simmons etc. who share similar views to myself. I am interested in feminist avant-garde also. My end goal was to not only raise awareness of the issues in hip-hop surrounding women in terms of being reduced to an object but to explore the complimentary and contradictory influences on feminism and hip-hop on females.

As I mentioned in my bio, pushing sustainability is huge passion of mine. Raising awareness of the damage we are causing to the planet is important to me as many of us live in ignorance whilst the world desperately need our help.


My final A level project centred on the documentary 'Cowspiracy' which went into detail about how the animal agriculture industry is responsible for almost every environmental ill: rainforest destruction, air and water pollution, global warming, greenhouse gases etc.


My target audience was the younger generation as I believe they are more open minded than the older generation when it comes to issues like this and are prepared to accept new information at the expense of giving up long lived habits (eating meat). I created posters promoting the documentary on paper embedded with seeds to in turn promote the concept of circular economy. The first step towards living an environmentally friendly lifestyle would be to plant the poster rather than waste the paper, and it would grow a wildflower meadow.

My goal is to inspire and help as many souls as possible, however I realised I can only do this through finding inner peace and love myself. This 'self' project was inspired by my journey of finding myself. I put features of myself into these characters that I create which allows me to express myself and see myself from a third person angle, which is important when reflecting upon yourself. 

The world can be difficult sometimes which is why creating these fantasy characters gives me a kind of comfort, these characters can live free in their own world, free from harm. I wanted to share this with others which led me to start drawing my friends as their own character, in a world they grew up loving eg. Boondocks, Fairy Odd Parents, Naruto etc. I have turned this passion into a business which was one of my dreams growing up. 

I will further explore and update this website with future expressions of myself.

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